Thursday 3 April 2014

YSP Yippee!

Monday was our annual college jaunt to the fabulous Yorshire Sculpture Park.
First port of call...the shop!
(Shallow? Moi?)
It really is an amazing shop, full of designer delights, including the likes of Donna Wilson and Mark Hearld...swoon!
This handsome feathered friend nearly came home with me, but even I could not envisage getting away with the 'What, we've had a glowing life sized goose in our front room for ages. What are you like!' routine.
After finally tearing myself away and bidding farewell to my farmyard friend (sniff!) we ventured outside.
'Twas a lovely, misty morning...
Ursula Von Rydingsvard.

Now the following two photos are a little cheeky, but I couldn't resist putting them together...
The amazing work of Sophie Ryder.
We came across this beautiful glass house full of flowers and the work of Elizabeth Frink...
Sam, being all professional like.
Awwwww how romantic!
Me, taking a photo of Sam taking a Post Modern!
I loved this Galloping Horse piece by Julian Opie.
Now, I have never tried to make a video before, so I hope this actually works!
May I also apologise for the rather muted sound track but there were folk on the other side of the sculpture and I did feel a tad foolish!
And at the end of the day, I had roses in my cheeks, muddy boots...
And a bucket load of chips!
A grand day out indeed!


  1. Great photos, love this post. Xx

    1. Thanks Marilyn!
      It took me ages the style the chips just right! Ha! x

  2. How fab, sophie ryder is my choice for further exploration....

    see you funny to say that.hee hee giggle giggle....dx

  3. What a great day, i would like to go there.Thanks for sharing x

  4. I do so love the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, it's always an absolute joy to visit. The giant sexy bunny ladies are fabulous, aren't they? They were there last time we went and the kids were fascinated!
    Hmmm... Easter hols coming up, think a visit might be in order.
    Great pics, and those chips look the business! xxx

  5. Gorgeous photos! I'm not sure what I loved the most, the great big bunny with the butt cheeks, or your "Galloping Horsey" song! Both equally awesome on many levels!

    (p.s. you did a great job with the chips!)

  6. Thanks you kind ladies for sharing my crazy day! X


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