Monday 7 April 2014

Hope And Elvis....The Big Day!

Well, Saturday was the big day.
The day I had been working towards for a very long time.
I felt a strange mixture of equal parts terror and equal parts excitement, the only other time I have ever felt like that was on my wedding day!
But I am so pleased that I did it, and that is down to my mate Sam who held my hand and gave me a kick up the bum (in the nicest way of course!)

I also had the expert help of Miss Debs (in her stunning apron).

Princess Dawn also helped out big time.
And of course Louise (pictured here ceremoniously cutting the Easter choccy cake baked by my wonderful Mommy).
Thanks Louise for inviting me and actually believing that there could be a Mrs B Workshop!
Who'd have thought!
The ladies of fabulousness quickly got down to work, (after I had waffled on and completely not followed my carefully plotted plan!)
I could not believe how much work was produced in one day!
I also met some of my bloggy friends, including Miss Moon On A Stick
(Blog 'under cover spy' names are used here as I know some of you like to remain ladies of mystery!)
Miss Lazy Daisy Jones also paid us a visit!
'Miss! Miss!'
Confession time!
I loved your dress so much Louise I had to buy one!
Thanks for being so kind and understanding!
We didn't have a laugh ALL day, honest!
Look at these Nannas, hanging out to dry!
A multitude of beautiful work started to emerge.
And my heart swelled with pride...I tell you, it was emotional!
Loving the sandal glitter socks combo!
Work it girl friend!
Such a lovely spread!
Where there's mess there's genius!
Time for tiffin!
Cool Nannas!
Work those tassles Nanna!
So angelic!
I want to go to Cornwall!
Oh no...time to go!
(Can we have a lock in?)
Sam very kindly also took photos throughout the day so I shall blog more in a little while.
(Hope you don't mind!)
So, many thanks to Hope And Elvis for your wonderful hospitality and kindness.
And for those of you that could join me on this crazy cake- fuelled day, thank you for your patience, humour and creativity.
You all rocked da house!


  1. Fabulous photos of a fabulous day. Thank you for being your fabulous self and sharing your ideas. So glad it was a bit wet yesterday and I could channel my inner Mrs B and nana-Ness! X

    1. That's so good to hear! I love that your channelling your inner Nanna! X

  2. Hmmm not sure I've ever been called angelic before!!!!! Was fun, want to see you and Sam every week for more laughs! Thank you for a top day chuck x

    1. It was absolutely brilliant chuck.
      Of course you are an angel,heh! Heh!

  3. lovely makes and love your photo with Louise. You both look so happy, in fact everybody looks very happy at your workshop. Glad you had a wonderful day, well done. xx

  4. Looks like so much fun. Now time for you to publish a how to book!

    1. That has always been a dream of mine....but I think it would be more of a leaflet than a book! X

  5. Wow - that just looks like one hell of a day. I'm being a bad girl and have the green eyed monster in my head for I wish I could have been there. I think I spy someone from my neck of the woods in fair Norwich there too.
    Glad you had much laughter, best way to cure those nerves.

    1. If it ever happens agin you'll have to cadge a lift and come and have some cake! X

  6. So many happy faces! So much beautiful art! Looks like everyone had a wonderful day! Congratulations!

  7. You all look so happy! What an amazing day. I wanted to come when you first announced it, but was put off by the distance. Silly me!

  8. OMG! What lovely, lovely pictures and what a wonderful time you all seemed to haved - how I would have loved to be there! Bit far away here on the South coast, but well done for creating what looked like a fab workshop. Such beautiful results from all the makers.

    1. I was so proud of all the wonderful pieces of art made on the day. Such a shame you live a long ways away chuck x

  9. Gorgeous ladies, fabulous creative work, delicious food, and tons of chat and laughing - sounds just about perfect! What a good do!
    PS.You look beautiful, and there's darling Debs! xxx

  10. It was a great day indeed! You have inspired me to start a sketchbook again...and also make a strange shaped dress...!!! Will keep you posted on that one! It will have to be sock and tight AND sandal friendly!!! Xxx

    1. That's brilliant Caroline!
      Please let me know how you get on with both projects!

  11. What fantastic photos I grinned all the way through, you all look like a bunch of big school girls, one holding up her hand, one sneaking a look to see what the 'girl' next to her is doing... it looks like it was a fantastic day for everyone and so much fun, congratulations on your first workshop, hope it's the first of many! Hadn't heard about Hope and Elvis before, thank you.

    1. Yes, it was a very giddy girly day indeed!

  12. Oh what a day what a day...thank you for all those top tips!
    and BIG thanks to your Mum for the "bake off" yummy...
    happy memories dearest Mrs B until next time ...?
    bestest D xxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks chucks.
      I am sure there will be a next time...we'll meet again....don't know where....don't know when.... X


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