Friday 18 April 2014

Hope You Don't Mind Me Mentioning....

'I say, Mr Fox, have you heard that Mrs B's Etsy shop has re- opened and it's stuffed to the virtual rafters with stitchery fripperies?'


  1. eeeek! cannot even tell you how much i can't something! am talking to hubby!!! i think a broken roof may scupper plans but am going to try! you my darling friend are such a talent x

    1. Dear Janey,
      A broken roof is a bit of a priority but if this helps at all I can always reserve something for as long as you'd like, if that would help.
      Just let me know if that's what you'd like to do.
      If not, no worries chuck, I'm not hard selling, just wanted to let you know in case it helps x

    2. oh my that is so lovely! more talks have been a going on round here! (for talk read nagging!) and i have a plan to raise spare funds! But i could not possibly ask you to save a piece as my fund raising will be slow! if i manage it in time for what i have my eye on then so be it.....if not there is more than one piece i want! i love everything you make....its such a treat to see. i am on the case and don't worry, i know you aren't doing hard sell, you are being just so lovely xxxx

    3. Dear Janey,
      Would you mind sending me your email address please, if you put it on a comment then I won't publish it.
      I have thought of a cunning plan that actually is good for both of us without any future commitment from you!
      Hope the roof goes well x

  2. Well done Mrs.B.! Your shop looks beautiful!


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