Saturday 12 April 2014

The Other Day...

The other day I noticed that 'mummy' and 'daddy' had been removed from her vocabulary.
Now it's 'mum' and 'dad'.
She is growing up.
Too fast.


  1. Scary! App girls today grow up four years faster than we did, so today's 10 year old is our 14 equivalent which I find horrifying. Am keeping mine watching cbeebies forever!!!! X

  2. ooo yes pops is beginning to say mum instead of mummy......not all the tiime but i'm aware of it! sob! x

  3. Thanks for sharing and making me feel better.
    Sob! X

  4. they still come to you for a cuddle when they need you...even when they're attitudinal and 18 and know best...and what do Mums know anyway?!!!!!.....we have the power to make it better!!!!!!

  5. Mine say mummy when they want something... Sometimes I wish they would just use my name, I get fed up of hearing "Muuuuuuuuum!" all the time!
    Btw, beautiful sketches in your last post (trying hard to catch up!) xxxx

  6. You are not on your own Mrs B. Just found out from Lemonade Kitty Blog you are going to two of the workshops that I am going as well. Would be nice to see you again. x

    1. That's brilliant!
      Now I'm ooking forward to it even more!

  7. Loved seeing you two in cafe in Whitby, great drawings btw. Name thing a real problem here. I'm early menopause so I'm struggling getting our girls names the right way round as it is, I look in my bag for my purse and stare wondering why I opened my bag up (I have a real goo of a brain). Now Rosey wants to call us mum and dad at 13 and Millie at 12 wants mumma and daddy still. She really annoys Rosey with this as not cool at all, Millie thinks her words are Chavvy! Throw in me who's struggling with words and having to switch between both when we're out and you got it I get it wrong all the time, thereby keeping it fair by annoying them both. Hah at least I'm equal in my brain frothiness. I think I'll just settle for oi you I can remember that. I agree with you though, change is sad. I still crave fat pudgy hands in mine with a bucket and spade in the other.

  8. Oh no! You have a double dilemma!
    I think you are spot on Miss Bobo Bun, let's us Mums just keep annoying the kids, then everyone's happy!
    Take care chuck x


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